Boost innovation in repair and regenerative medicine



  • focused on the development of solutions to restore impaired cell, tissue or organ function
  • supporting the technological transfer of regenerative medicine technologies
  • training students and professionals to implement future regenerative therapies


More than 300 people including research and support staffs work in repair and regenerative medicine developments in Pays de la Loire region, they are distributed in numerous laboratories representing 5000 m2.

They produce about 100 publications a year and are involved in the process of taking discovery to product with 20 patents and numerous start up companies created regionally. More than 20 of these companies are developing products or services in or for repair and regenerative medicine.


Translational Research at the heart of Bioregate Cluster

Innovation areas

Repair medicine

• Bio and nano materials

• Implantable medical devices

Regenerative medicine

• Cell therapy

• Gene therapy

• Tissue engineering

Tools for repair and regenerative medicine

Medical fields

• Bone & joint

• Muscle

• Heart & vessels

• Nervous system

• Skin

• Metabolism

• Eye

• Gastroenterology

• Organ transplant

Key core facilities

• Production and differentiation of IPS cells

• Biomanufacturing of clinical grade batches

• Preclinical and clinical immuno monitoring

• Nano medicines or nano materials production

• Proof of concept of biotherapies in big animals

• Biobanking

• Advanced therapies clinical trials

  • More than 100 permanent researcher and research professors
  • 13 laboratories engaged in therapeutical development
  • 13 laboratories bringing support to therapeutical development
  • More than 20 on going clinical trial
  • 30 active public private partnerships