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Clinical Innovation

Two regional University Hospitals participate in clinical innovation in Bioregate topics


Nantes and Angers University Hospitals lead or participate in clinical trials in Bioregate topics (more than 23 on going trials in 2016, excluding cell therapy trials in cancerology) and more generally are able to develop clinical trials in state of the art fields such as biotherapies. These University Hospitals provide support to any clinical project leader either from academia or industry.


Nantes University hospital, a proactive organization for clinical innovation

For more than 20 years, Nantes University Hospital has implemented its strong policy to endorse promotion of biomedical research. That’s why it is now one of top ten French University Hospitals marked as “strong rechercher”.


In 2016, at the national scale, Nantes University Hospital is

  • 1st choice for residents
  • 4th Clinical Research and Innovation Delegation in France
  • 5th for clinical trials (“SIGREC” national ranking)
  • 8th for scientific publications (“Sigaps” national ranking)


This policy can now be translated in 5 fields of excellence

  • Cancerology
  • Immunology and transplantation
  • Cardio-vascular and chest diseases
  • Digestive tract diseases
  • Biotherapies

Nantes, a place where research has been developing since 1990

  • Research staff: from 70 people in 1990 to more than 800 today
  • INSERM labelled research labs: from 1 to 10 now
  • A tenfold increase of the regional start up company number

Nantes University key figures in clinical research

  • More than 3 000 enrolled patients per year in interventional clinical trials
  • 460 persons dedicated to research missons
  • 24 expert sites in clinical investigation
  • More than 250 interventional protocols per year
  • 1 650 active clinical trials

More information about Nantes University Hospital (content only available in French):–8537.kjsp?RH=MISSIONS&RF=1229614320125

Nantes University Hospital is organized 4 departments involved in clinical innovation: promotion, management, investigation, partnerships & innovation.

The promotion department


It manages all the trials promoted by Nantes Hospital. It also comprises a staff to support the set up of paramedical research projects. It is the main contact point for any inquiry (technical or regulation questions related to biomedical research).


Project management

  • Support to protocol set up and response to call for proposals/tenders
  • Preparation and submission of dossiers for regulatory authorities
  • Contract management
  • Preparation of data base and/or e-CRF and data validation plan
  • Implementation and follow up of studies
  • Management of amendments
  • Budget monitoring
  • Study closing
  • Statistical analysis
  • Support to final reporting
  • Management of the archiving


Contact the promotion department

Department manager: Anne Omnès,


Mailing address

CHU de Nantes

5 allée de l’île Gloriette

44093 Nantes cedex 1



Meeting place

Maison de la recherche en santé

Immeuble Cap Ouest

53 chaussée de la Madeleine

44093 Nantes Cedex 1



The partnership & innovation department


The partnership & innovation department includes a varied staff dedicated to legal affairs, the innovation unit, the Center for Biological Ressources, project leaders in charge of structuring projects. It has a strategic and transversal supporting role. It brings support to structuring project leaders, implements value creation policy (patents, licensing, startup company creation), participates in the local research development, in public private collaborations. It also support the set up and follow up of medico economic research studies.


Angers University Hospital

Angers University Hospital also supports and participates in research and clinical trials

Keys figures

  • 165 clinical trials
  • In total, 1 000 research programs or projects including projects led by Angers University Hospital and other organizations where Angers teams are involved in

The promotion unit of Angers University Hospital

It brings support for the set up of response to calls for proposals and for clinical promotion (regulation authorities’ requirements, budget monitoring for internal or external promotion either from academia or from industry, data management).


More information (in French only)


Contacts for external promoters

  1. For feasibility studies:
  2. For administrative, regulatory, financial coordination of studies from external promoters:

– Sandra MERZEAU, Ph.D, in charge of coordination for private organizations, +33 (0)2 41 35 59 70,

– Aline TOTAL-BESNIE, Ph.D, in charge of coordination for public organizations, +33 (0)2 41 35 65 31,


The Innovation unit of Angers University Hospital

It is charge of:
  • Raising awareness of IP issues and detecting value creation potential of innovative projects – Support to innovative project leaders in terms of regulation and financial aspects
  • Collaboration contract writing and management (linked to clinical trials, biological samples collection or data base access…)
  • Support to calls for proposals/calls for tenders identification and writing



More information on the clinical innovation activities of Angers University Hospital (in French only):