Bioregate has set up a limited number of key international partnerships to facilitate regular collaborations in research, education & training, innovation.


To meet this objective, Bioregate is partnering with

ThéCell Canadian network




Mission statement

The TheCell research network aims to promote translational research in cell and tissue therapy in the Province of Quebec with a vision of national and international visibility.

TheCell (Cell and Tissue Therapy) FRQS Network

Created in 2009, the TheCell Network has now over ninety full members. It strives to facilitate phase I and II clinical studies in order to accelerate the availability of the technologies developed in cell and tissue therapy for the general population. The cell and tissue therapy platforms of the universities throughout the province of Quebec and their partners are supported in their clinical trial development.

TheCell is financed by the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS) provides leverage and serves as catalyst for the utilization of the infrastructures and the highly qualified personnel in the field of cell and tissue therapy.


  • Develop research through collaboration in regenerative medicine and cell and tissue therapy
  • Increase resources and infrastructures and optimize their utilization
  • Orient the research towards clinical aspects and facilitate knowledge transfer from bench to bedside
  • Maintain and develop the infrastructure necessary for the field of cell and tissue therapy
  • Support training of highly qualified personnel and researchers

Network composition (382 members)

103 permanents researchers


Coming from Héma-Québec, IMI-CNRC and 7 universities

  • University of Laval
  • University of Sherbrooke
  • Université of Québec, Trois-Rivières
  • Université of Québec, Montreal
  • Université of Québec, Chicoutimi
  • Université of Montreal
  • McGill University

        204 students and post docs

        74 associated research members

        1 honorary member

Top translational research priorities

  • Cell therapy: Musculoskeletal and nervous systems
  • Cell therapy:  cardio-vascular, pulmonary and renal
  • Tissue engineering: skin, cornea, gastro-intestinal system
  • Cell therapy:  hematology, oncology and immunology



Dr Julie Fradette is the director of the ThéCell network. She is also Professor in the Surgery Department of Laval University ; researcher at the LOEX which is the Laval University Research Center for experimental organogenesis, Regenerative Medicine research area, Research Center of Québec-Laval University Hospital


Network coordinator: Friederike Pfau,

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Bioregate supports the setting up of the “GDR Homme réparé”, a research grouping dedicated to “Human repair” jointly led by CNRS and INSERM, French national research institutions

Its aim is to facilitate national public-private networking


Targeting the following topics

  • Advanced materials
  • Multi scales Modelization and Characterization
  • Cells – Environment interface
  • (Bio) functionnalization and targeting
  • Substitutions and monitoring


Directed by: Dr Didier Letourneur, CNRS Research director, President of BIOMAT – Association for the development of biomaterials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine



Bioregate support the DevStem Club




The DEVSTEM Club gathers scientists from multiple Bioregate labs and is also opened to any interested person.


The meetings (about 4/y) are opportunities to

  • Share information in stem cell biology, embryology and informal discussions are encouraged in order that each attendee can benefit from others knowledge and know how
  • Facilitate discussions of scientific results, conceptual or technical, perspectives for ongoing scientific projects
  • Favorize collaborations between Région Pays de la Loire players.


Coordinator: Dr Anne Camus, Phone: +33 (0)2 40 41 29 43, 


Bioregate is parner of “West Biotherapies”






West Biotherapies is a one stop shop for companies needing early stages services in biomanufacturing of cells or viral vectors. This one stop shop relies on various public core facilities based in Nantes. A website is under development and a contact will be available to answer companies’ requirements in a prompt, integrated and tailor made manner.


This initiative is led by Nantes University Hospital.

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Bioregate is involved in the “ETPN”- European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine


 Policy Objectives

  • Establish a clear strategic vision in the area resulting in a Strategic Research Agenda
  • Decrease fragmentation in nano-medical research
  • Mobilize additional public and private investment
  • Identify priority areas
  • Boost innovation in nanobiotechnologies for medical use


  • Three key priorities have been confirmed by the stakeholders:
  • Nanotechnology-based diagnostics including imaging
  • Targeted drug delivery and release
  • Regenerative medicine


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French Society for Stem Cell Research, more information:







Society for Biohydrogel:

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ROAD: Research on OsteoArthritis Diseases:

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