Atlantic Ket Med, a new European project involving Bioregate

15 November 2017
Repair medicine
Regenerative Medicine

Altantic Ket Med – AKM – is a European project aiming at enhancing innovation capacity through corporation to foster. Of that logic, AKM partners have to establish a transnational advanced pilot manufacturing ecosystem for future biomedical products.

The project will receive more than 2 M€ for a 3 years period for a cooperation between 7 European in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, UK and France particularly represented by Atlanpole Biotherapies competitiveness cluster. The latter has appointed Pr Pierre Weiss, Bioregate scientific director, to take part of the collective work and especially of the “Training and skills enhancement” WP that will benefit to companies. This project will be an additional opportunity for Bioregate to reinforce its link with its Irish partner, Curam. The kick off meeting took place in Nantes November, 15th.