Bio-Industries and Biotechnology professional degree

Repair medicine
Regenerative Medicine
Tools for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine

Terms of Access


The students are accepted 2 years after baccalaureate. Students can hold a:


  • General Life Sciences degree (or equivalent)
  • Biological Engineering “DUT”
  • “BTS” related to biotechnology


General objectives

The objective of the training is to give you scientific, technical and operational skills that will enable you to work in a laboratory, in regulatory and normed contexts, for the implementation of techniques applicable mainly in the sectors of health and quality control in the food industry.

Thanks to the theoretical knowledge acquired, you can participate in the development and validation of methods and adapt them.


The training program combines courses dedicated to the acquisition of technical skills and theoretical knowledge and the preparation of professional projects.


Objectives related to Bioregate topics


Students future


The objective of this degree is to train rigorous laboratory technicians able to:


  • Master the disciplinary knowledge mandatory for the rigorous implementation of an experimental protocol in cell biology, molecular biology, immunology, biochemistry and microbiology.
  • Work in a confined / sterile environment, know and apply health and safety rules and “Good Laboratory Practices”.
  • Manage the technical and operational aspects of a scientific project and adapt an experimental protocol, suggest technical solutions when necessary.


These future collaborators will:


  • Be autonomous in learning in various contexts
  • Work and communicate clearly within a team
  • Prioritize his/her tasks and organize his/her activity to meet deadlines

Many different job positions are accessible after this degree such as:


  • Research laboratory technician
  • Medical biology technician
  • Quality control technician
  • Pharmaceutical industry technician
  • Research and development assistant
  • Biomanufacturing technician for health / food industries

This in the following fields:


  • Health (basic and applied biomedical research, biological analysis, biomanufacturing, drug development, etc.)
  • Food (quality control, certification, research and development …)
  • Biotechnologies (research and development)
  • Basic research in biology
  • Other sectors using laboratory techniques: environment, agronomy, forensic science…