Master of Engineering in Biology and Health Systems

Repair medicine
Regenerative Medicine
Tools for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine

Terms of Access


It is possible to integrate the specialty “Biological Engineering and Health” at year 1 of the engineer cycle:


2 modalities of admission are acceptable depending on the origin of the candidates:


  • Internal Competition (on-line file selection and motivational interviewing) for places opened for undergraduated students (who achieved a “DUT”, “BTS” or year 2 or 3 of “Licence”)…
  • Polytech Competition: admission procedures and timetable are published on the Polytech Common Contest website for CPGE (BCPST, TB)


More information (French content):


It is also possible to integrate the specialty “Biological Engineering and Health” at year 2 of engineering cycle.


General objectives

The ISTIA engineers specializing in biological engineering and health are multidisciplinary. The training program provides three industrial integrated competences: in innovation-design, quality management and risk management.

In year 4 of the engineering cycle, a Professional Personal Project allows the student to think about his 5th year internship and set up his professional project.

The 5th year offers the possibility to choose between 3 courses to develop more specific skills:


  •  Innovative Health Products Engineering (IIPS)
  • Management of Complex Health Processes (MPCS)
  • Health Sector Risk Management (GRSS)


Objectives related to Bioregate topics


Students future

Most graduated students are quickly employed. Nevertheless, it is possible to go further with doctoral studies, 2nd year of Master Degree or professional Master.