Health Biotechnology Engineer

Repair medicine
Regenerative Medicine
Tools for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine

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Different competitions are proposed depending on the academic background of the candidates coming from a preparatory class or university (3rd year L3 license) or institutions preparing some DUT and BTS.


General objectives :

As of 2011, Oniris proposes an innovative specialty ‘biotechnology of health’ to train engineers specialized in the trades related to the production of molecules by biotechnology. The core of the training focuses on the health sector, but the skills acquired are also tailored to the food and environmental sectors.


Oniris is the only French school in which students, veterinary teachers and engineers interact. While remaining specific, these two curricula interact in such a way as to bring added value in order to diversify professions and improve employability.

Thus, this ‘added value’, linked to the synergy of the two courses, is at the origin of our new specialty “biotechnologies of the health” which aims to train engineers well armed for the pharmaceutical industry of tomorrow.


The multidisciplinary education provided allows students to benefit from a culture in the medical sciences and to master both the concepts of cellular and molecular biology and those of process engineering.


These scientific and technical skills are complemented by transversal skills (languages, knowledge of the organization and financial management of the company, regulatory procedures, project management, management, communication …) which will enable future engineers to integrate and improve with ease the healthcare companies developing biotechnologies.


This training includes an important practical part carried out on a platform dedicated to biotechnologies.


This platform enables the students of Oniris an approach in quasi-industrial condition. This proximity to the professional world allows students to situate the courses of an engineer training in bioproduction or in research and development, in relation to the stakes of a sector in high technological evolution.


The practical part of the training is also based on the Oniris gene therapy center (, in association with the AFM , genethon and INSERM.


A training module carried out directly on the site of the ARRONAX cyclotron anchors the training in the loco-regional dynamism of the biotechnological industries.



Objectives related to Bioregate topics:





Students future:



3rd cycle of Oniris in this field of health biotechnologies:

  • The Master in Biology and Biotechnology and Therapeutic Research (BBRT)
  • The “Marketing of Products and Health Service”
  • The doctorate awarded by Oniris from the regional doctoral school “Biiologie-Santé”


These graduate programs are also available to students from other French or foreign institutions.

  • Targeted occupations and opportunities
  • Industrial development manager
  • Production and / or packaging manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Responsible for research and development processes
  • Production director
  • Quality Manager
  • Product research and development