Master 2 in Pharmaceutical Sciences, “Polymers and Active Principles of Natural Origin” (“P2AON”) course

Repair medicine
Regenerative Medicine
Tools for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine

Conditions d’accès

This course is offered to the students of the Western France universities of Pharmacy (Angers, Nantes and Rennes) on the one hand, and to students who have validated year 1 of  “Chemical and Biological Engineering” (ICB) Master available in the University of Nantes on the other hand. This M2 is also open to holders of an engineering degree as well as to students who have validated a first year of Master (including M1 in Pharmaceutical sciences) or the equivalent of the fifth year of  the Pharmaceutical Sciences course. The training program will take place in several locations and to reduce students and lecturers travel time, the theoretical part will be delivered by videoconferences in dedicated rooms.


General objectives

The objective of the Master 2, “P2AON” course is gain knowledge at the chemistry / biochemistry / biology-health interface. So that graduated students can apply for managers or researchers positions in which skills in strategy design to exploite and create added value of natural resources (macromolecules and secondary metabolites) are required. In other world, they will be employed in the healthcare sector comprinsing the pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic and various biotechnology sectors (agro-chemicals, renewable and biodegradable materials, etc.) fields.

Graduates are able to:


  • Design new strategies for the exploitation and value creation of natural resources,
  • Research, identify, isolate and modify enzymatically and / or chemically new active principles,
  • Choose methods of analysis and / or purification of active ingredients,
  • Implement, develop and analyze the results,
  • Check regulation compliance,
  • Make technological watch,
  • Team working,
  • Ensure the communication of data within and outside the company.



Objectives related to Bioregate topics

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Students future

At the end of the Master’s program, students who have completed the “P2AON” specialization, thanks to their multidisciplinary skills, should be able to carry out original research projects, either in academic research/higher education institution or in the R&D department of a company or even innovation consultancies dedicated to pharmaceutical, biotech para pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields (active molecules, flavors and perfumes).

Graduates can also pursue with doctoral studies in academic labs requiring the developed dual competence.