Master degree (2) Specialty: Biology, Biotechnology and Therapeutic Research

Repair medicine
Regenerative Medicine
Tools for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine

Terms of Access


  • Scientific students having validated a first year of Master 1 Biology-Health (Biological Sciences) in Nantes or equivalent in another University.


  • Students who have validated the year 1 of the Master’s degree in complementary competence in Computer Science with a course in Cell Biology and Physiology or in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.


  • Doctors, dentists, osteopaths or medical students, in dental surgery who have validated the year 1 of the Master Biology-Health (Medical Sciences) or a Master of Biological and Medical Sciences (old system) or after validation of the diploma of the second cycle of pharmaceutical studies.


  • Veterinarians who have validated the four years of national veterinary school (bac +5). Obtaining a Diploma of Fundamental Veterinary Studies or D.E.F.V. and after validation of the achievements of the pedagogical committee of the M2 BBRT.


This Master is also available as part of the continuing education or the resumption of studies to a learner justifying a standard course taking into account the prerequisites at the entrance of this second year of Master.



General objectives

This M2 is mainly devoted to training in research, with an opening to the industrial world, in particular with biotechnology companies. It is based on common EU and a thematic itinerary of your choice.


The common EU:


•        Core curriculum of M2 Biology Health
Quality Assurance and Management (3 ECTS)
Biostatistics 1 (2 ECTS)
Hygiene and Safety (2 ECTS)


•        Core curriculum of M2 Biology Health BBRT
Methodological approaches in biomedical research (3 ECTS)
Methodological approaches in integrated biology (3 ECTS)
Biostatistics 2 (2 ECTS)
Research project (6 ECTS)
Specialized Seminars (3 ECTS)


The M2 BS BBRT proposes 6 thematic paths related to the major research axes developed in Nantes (6 ECT)

• Biotherapies of the musculoskeletal system
• Cardio-Vascular (shared course with the University of Angers)
• Immunology-oncology (shared course with the University of Rennes)
• Immuno-pathology and Transplantation
• Infectious diseases (shared path with the University of Rennes)
• Neurodigestive and metabolic pathophysiology


Objectives related to Bioregate topics

Among the courses offered by this Master Biology-health, the following course corresponds to regenerative medicine Biology, Biotechnology and Therapeutic Research (BBRT) with the following two options:

– Biotherapies of the musculoskeletal system

– Immunology and Transplantation


Students future


Additional training for the M2 BS BBRT possible

• IUD (Inter-University Diploma) “FARC”: A maximum of 2 places are awarded for M2 BBRT students moving to a Clinical Research Attaché (CRA) career.

These students will have to undergo further training preparing for the Inter-University Diploma of Training of Clinical Research Assistants. Theoretical instruction is given over 1 year and takes place in Paris. The selection of candidature files is analyzed by the organizing committee of the IUD-FARC.


• Training in dual proficiency: Students who wish to acquire and develop managerial skills in the field of innovation and project management will be able to follow a double course: Master 2 BBRT and Master’s Degree in Management ‘IAE Nantes (Institute of Economics and Management of the University of Nantes):


o Master of IAE Nantes

o Master of innovation at IAE Nantes


After the M2 BS BBRT, students can enter the professional life or pursue a doctorate


Directly after the BBRT Master, students can work in the following areas:

• Basic, preclinical, translational or clinical research in the fields of health, agri-food and the pharmaceutical industry

• Clinical Pharmacology, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Biomathematics

• Management and analysis of big data in biomedical research

• National and international public and parapublic organizations in the health sector

And practice the following trades:

• Executive in the medical computing industry, production of equipment, nanotechnology, etc.

• Technical manager for scientific studies and basic research

• Research Engineer, Engineering Engineer, Scientific Director

• Clinical Research Project Manager

• R & D Project Manager

• Scientific executive of public and parapublic organizations or private consultants in the field of agro-environment.


After a PhD, different job opportunities are open like:

• University Teacher / Researcher

• Researcher, engineer, project manager in EPST (INSERM, CNRS, INRA …), the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology companies

• Engineer, project manager in research development structures

• Scientific Communications Officer