Master 2 in pharmaceutical sciences, “Nanomedicines and pharmaceutical R & D” course

M2 “Nanomedicines and pharmaceutical R&D”
Repair medicine
Regenerative Medicine
Tools for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine

General objectives


The “Nanomedicines and pharmaceutical R & D” course offered by the Department of Pharmacy of Angers University with the support of the MINT laboratory (

This program provides a scientific and methodological approach for pharmaceutical development and innovation. Thus it participates in the emergence of tomorrow’s medicines and meet the needs of new professions in the field of complex experimental drug development.

The developed skills are from scientific and professional transversal nature, based on the knowledge and knowhow of a multidisciplinary teaching team composed of lecturers of Angers University, researchers, lecturers from the ISTIA – graduate School of Engineering of Angers University and professionals of the pharmaceutical industry.

This program is internationally open. It is part of the European Master’s program dedicated to “Nanomedicine for drug delivery” (NANOMED) (, it is also relocated within the framework of the Master “Mekong Pharma” (

Graduates can become researchers and managers of the pharmaceutical industry, able to develop complex experimental medicines, such as nanomedicines, in a translational research environment.


Finally, the program offers abroad internships (Europe, USA, Canada). This openness prepares students for collaborative work at the international level.



Objectives related to Bioregate topics

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Students future

Graduated students can pursue with doctoral doctoral studies either in an academic lab or in a mixed environment (academic lab in partnership with a company) or can directly be employed, generally in R & D departments of health products companies.


  • Pharma, biotech, dermo-cosmetics, health products companies


  • R&D or formulation Project Manager
  • Scientific and technical watch manager
  • Manager in BIC or TTOs
  • Researcher
  • Lecturer