HCS Pharma

CRO specialized in hight throughput in vitro cell imaging
Regenerative Medicine

General activities

HCS Pharma is a biotechnological start-up focused on in vitro preclinical research development with a specialization in cellular imagery: High Content Analysis (HCA) and High Content Screening (HCS).


This muti-parametric imaging system allows to gain time and money by following several parameters within the same experiment. HCS Pharma can perform proof of concept / mechanism of action and assay development for primary or secondary screening.


HCS Pharma has also developed their own models that they offer for services. Their specialities are toxicological models (genotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, neurotoxicity) and neurodegenerative and cancerology cellular models. Other models in other therapeutic areas are under development.

Terms of collaboration

☒ Research collaboration
☒ Service provision

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☒ Co-development

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