A breakthrough in oxygen carriers for human health
Repair medicine
Regenerative Medicine

General activities

Hemarina is a biotechnology company created in 2007 which has its head office in Morlaix (Finistère). The company is centered on the development of universal marine oxygen carriers. Hemarina has a technical and trade subsidiary in Boston (Hemarina Inc), a production subsidiary of its row material in Noirmoutier Island (France) so as offices in Paris.

Hemarina identified four very creative applications in short and medium term including three medical applications and an industrial application:

  • A therapeutic oxygen carrier: HEMOXYCarrier®
  • An additive for organ preservation solutions: HEMO2life®
  • An oxygenating dressing: HEMHealing®
  • An input for the industrial bioproduction: HEMOXCell®/HEMBoost®


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