Biopolymers Interactions Assembly Unit
Tools for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine

Organization activities

The BIA Unit is composed of 8 thematic research teams, a logistics group, and an IBISA-certified platform. Analytical devices dedicated to protein purification and antibody production and an experimental bakery completes the Unit’s facilities.


  1. ALL team: Allergy to food proteins,
  2. NANO team: Nanostructured assemblies,
  3. ELIPS team: Lipoproteic and Proteo-Saccharidic Edifices,
  4. FIP team: Functions and interactions of proteins,
  5. ISD team: Interfaces and Dispersed Systems,
  6. MC2 team: Materials, processing & behaviour,
  7. PVPP team: Plant cell wall and parietal polysaccharides,
  8. PRP team: Polyphenols, Reactivity, Processes


Only the NANO team is currently involved in Bioregate projects.

Research activities of the NANO team

Operationally, the activity of the team revolves around three topics


  • Biomimetic System
  • Functional micro and nano particles
  • Biosourced thin films and composites


In each case, the heart of the work of the team is focused on the development of materials, the development of strategies for structuring and characterizing architectures. The evaluation of the properties is performed in-house or external collaboration with relevant BIA teams intended scope.


Keywords: Nanosciences, self-assemblies, biopolymers, cellulose nanocrystals, Pickering emulsions, multilayer films, microfluidic, biomimetic assemblies


Team leader: Isabelle CAPRON –