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Organization activities


The INRA/Nantes-University/Oniris joint research CMIE unit focuses its research activity on type 1 diabete. The objectives are a better understanding of relevant physio pathological mechanisms of the disease, identification of cellular and molecular biomarkers of its progression, development of innovative therapies and immuno-intervention approaches.


Four major and complementary topics are studied:


  • Role of autoreactive CD8+ T Lymphocytes and their immune regulation
  • MiRNAs
  • Auto-immune response modulation by autonomous nervous system
  • Xenotransplantation of pig pancreatic islets



Beyond immunology, biotechnology, functional testing and integrative biology skills, the integration of researchers, veterinarians and physicians in the unit enables the transfer of new concepts towards clinical research. The current example is a study with autoreactive CD8+ T-lymphocytes and microRNAs. Clinical trials are made with the GOFEDI network (Dr L. Chaillous) and Endocrinology service of Nantes University Hospital, leaned on an official biobank (CMIE-DC 2008-839).



Team leader: Jean-Marie Bach –