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Organization activities


The RMeS – “Regenerative Medicine and skeleton Research” – lab investigates skeletal physiopathology and develops multidisciplinary approaches to regenerate skeletal tissues, to meet the challenges of basic of clinical research. Our therapeutic goal is to meet the need of aging populations and promote the medical advancement for all.


With 90 persons, the lab is organized in 2 teams: STEP (J. Guicheux) and REGOS (P. Weiss).


Within each team, a continuum from basic research to clinics is provided by the participation of biologists, chemists, veterinarians and medicals doctors involved in clinical research, in the fields of rheumatology, orthopedics, ORL, maxillofacial, neurosurgery, odontology and pharmacy.


This integrated and interdisciplinary bab, dedicated to skeletal aging and tissue engineering this ambitions to become a European center of excellence in regenerative medicine.


5 types of works are led in the lab

  1. biomaterials,
  2. active factors delivery,
  3. skeletal physiopathology,
  4. bone tissue engineering,
  5. cartilage tissue engineering.

Research activities


The STEP (“Skeletal Physiopathology & Joint Renegerative Medicine”) is dedicated to integrative skeletal physiology and aging from basic research interest (phosphate and homeostasis, mineralization, senescence, autophagy…) to more applied dimensions (osteoarthritis, ectopic calcification…).


This team is also interested in basic processes such as stem cell differentiation during cartilage tissues development and in particular those producing the intervertebral disc. This team is also involved in biomaterial development more precisely in bio inspired hydrogels and implementation of protocols allowing the exploitation of mesenchymal stem cells or pluripotent stem cells for cartilage regeneration (in osteoarthritis and disc degeneration).


Team leader: Jérôme Guicheux – jerome.guicheux@univ-nantes.fr


The ReGos (“Regenerative medicine of bone tissues”) team is interested in bone basic and physio pathological research (bone formation, resorption, inflammation, gene regulation…) and also in the development and use of hybrid biomaterials for bone regeneration in ORL, maxillofacial and orthopedic surgeries.


Team leader:  Pierre Weiss – pierre.weiss@univ-nantes.fr