Center for Immuno Monitoring Nantes Atlantic
Tools for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine


Created in 2007 and depending on Nantes University Hospital, more precisely on the biological immunomology lab, the CIMNA provide clinical immunomonitoring services to public and private players and also develops an R&D activity. It is managed by Pr Régis JOSIEN, MD specialized in Immunology and Marie RIMBERT, PharmD specialized in immunology.



  • Analysis and human immune response monitoring
  • Expertise in flow cytometry
  • Expertise in multiplex assay
  • Quality Assurance (ISO9001, 15189)


Specific technologies

The CIMNA team has a strong expertise in dendritc cells, T lymphocytes and rare cells populations such as T reg lymphocytes, basophils, ILC, MAIT..

Available equipments

  • Flow cytometers:
  • 2 BD FACSCanto II (8 colors)
  • 1 Beckman Coulter Navios (10 colors)
  • ELISPOT reader system:
  • Bioreader 5000-pro-S BIOSYS GmbH
  • iSpot AID
  • Luminex Microcytometer (multiplex assays)
  • Luminex 100
  • Magpix
  • Cell culture room


Collaboration modalities

Service provision to public and private players.