Tools for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine


The LentiVec facility provides lentiviral vectors, designed “a façon” for the gene of interest. More generally, research teams access with LentiVec to gene transfer expertise. For all client teams, LentiVec: (1) supports the definition of their projects, (2) products in all or part the lentiviral vector, (3) provides cost estimate and invoice based on analytic accounting.


All services are performed according to quality process and under data privacy. These services comply with French law for Genetically Modified Organism.


  • Health
  • Biotechnology and Research
  • Biotherapy
  • Biotechnology-Gene and cell engineering
  • Basic and applied Research

Scientific expertise

  • Promulgation of recommendations for the development of a lentiviral vector, whether used for the overexpression of a gene or its inhibition
  • Cloning help for obtaining a recombinant lentiviral vector
  • Production, purification, concentration and titration of a batch of lentiviral particles
  • Biosecurity test achievement
  • Scientific and technical support for innovative projects from R&D activities

Specific technologies

  • L2 Confined Laboratory
  • L3 Confined Laboratory
  • Ultracentrifuges
  • Incubator shaker Innova 400
  • Inverted microscope Axiovert A1
  • Inverted microscope Olympus CK30
  • CO2 incubators Class 100 HEPA
  • Electroporator Biorad GenPulser
  • Infors HT Multitron Standard
  • Laboratory oven BE500
  • Thermocycler PTC-200
  • Cellometer AutotT4

Collaboration modalities

The core facility provides technological services. These services are open to all research teams and private companies. Three options are possible:

  • Provision of services to private companies
  • Scientific collaboration projects requiring our competences and the use of our facilities
  • Open access to selected facilities, once adequate training has been completed.

Submitting a project

  • Applications may be submitted by email, phone or through our website
  • Applications are examined by the steering committee
  • If the applicant’s project is selected, the terms and conditions are determined: cost, method and deadline.
  • Work is carried out in compliance with the agreed terms and conditions
  • The final report/end product is delivered