Thorax Institute

Inserm UMR 1087 / CNRS UMR 6291
Repair medicine
Regenerative Medicine
Tools for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine

Organization activities

Established in 2004, the Thorax institue is a high qualified public center devoted to patient care, research and training in cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic diseases.


The institute is at the forefront of cardiovascular translational research. Clinicians, researchers and professors cross their expertise to foster excellence and innovation to provide patients with multidisciplinary high-quality treatments.


It combines a strong medical center within Nantes University Hospital, a clinical research structure (CIC Inserm 1413) and a research unit (UMR Inserm 1087 / CNRS 6291) labeled by INSERM, CNRS and the University of Nantes.


Inserm UMR 1087/CNRS UMR 6291 takes advantage of the structure of the Institute to set up an integrated research which goes from the patient to the identification of targets and development of medical care. The objective is to identify mechanisms and markers associated to the cardiovascular, metabolic and lung risk factors.


The unit is organized into 5 teams with complementary skills in order to facilitate translational projects

    Team I: Cardiovascular genetics (Jean-Jacques Schott)


    Team II: Cardiac arrhythmias (Flavien Charpentier)

     II-a  Ion channels and cardiac arrhythmias (Flavien Charpentier)

     II-b Heart  failure and pharmacological approaches (Michel De Waard)


    Team III: Signaling in vascular and pulmonary pathophysiology (Gervaise Loirand)


    Team IV: Dislipidemias and lipotoxicity (Bertrand Cariou)


    Team V: Mitochondrial diurnal rhythms and metabolic diseases (David Jacobi) (ATIP-Avenir)


Specific research activities of the “Thorax Intitute”

Team IIa

Team leader: Flavien Charpentier –

Team IV

Team leader: Bertrand Cariou –

are involved in on going Bioregate projects.